Salmon Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska

A Complete Guide

Oasis Alaska Fishing Charters is your Salmon fishing in Ketchikan headquarters. We do at our core offer fishing trips for various types of Salmon in the Ketchikan area, we have a love for the fishery, and wanted to offer to you an all inclusive look into not only the fishery- but the Salmon species itself. We love Halibut and the other species that inhabit our waters, however we have an admitted affinity for Salmon fishing.

Salmon fishing in Ketchikan

Salmon Fishing with Captain Andrew

Join Captain Andrew as he explains what the Salmon fishery here in Ketchikan means to him, and why it is his favorite species to fish for. Oasis Alaska Fishing Charters is simply your best choice.

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The Types of Salmon in Ketchikan

You might be surprised to know that there are 5 different types of Salmon that inhabit the waters of Ketchikan, Alaska. Here we describe each species, talk seasons, and some basic history.

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Life Stages of Salmon

There are various stages of the life cycle for Salmon that directly impact what is biting and when. This will give you some technical insight into the “why’s” and “how’s” of the Salmon fishery at its core.

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Salmon Fishing Questions and Answers

Below we will address some general questions about Salmon fishing in Ketchikan with Oasis Alaska Charters. Of course, if you are looking for more information you can explore the site or contact Oasis directly here.

Can we keep the Salmon we catch?

Yes! Salmon is not only an awesome fighting fish, but tasty too! We have put together some details on bag limits and further resources here on our FAQ page under “How many Salmon can we catch?”

Can kids go Salmon fishing?

We encourage family fishing trips and yes, kids can and are encouraged to go Salmon fishing. Oasis Alaska Fishing Charters is your family friendly fishing guide here in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Is Salmon fishing available all year?

We offer Salmon fishing during every available calendar day that the fish are available, but this is Alaska after all and the weather can be a little “uncomfortable” during the winter months. However, in Ketchikan specifically we have much milder temps than the majority of the state. You can always check availability here to get started making plans.

Do I need a fishing license?

To keep a King Salmon, yes. To understand better what all you should bring, including licensing and other resources check out our page What Should You Bring.

Is there lodging available?

Though we do not provide direct lodging, we launch from the Clover Pass Resort. Not only is this convenient for launching right into the most productive Salmon fishery in the area, but Clover Pass Resort will also process and ship your fish! We highly recommend making Clover Pass Resort part of your stay in Ketchikan.

Can we reserve our Salmon fishing trip ahead of time?

Yes! Actually, we have a proprietary online reservation system right here on the site. To get started hover above “Rates/Book” in the main menu above for detailed information, or go directly to Booking.

Salmon Fishing with Oasis Alaska Fishing Charters Video

“Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska for Silver Salmon. We really had a great time, we caught a lot of salmon in a short amount of time. The silvers were thick during this trip.”

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