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Salmon Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska Offers Some Of The Best Salmon Fishing In The World

Oasis Alaska Charter Fishing can provide you with some of the best salmon fishing.

For me, salmon fishing in Ketchikan Alaska is without a doubt my favorite spot for fishing. I prefer salmon fishing even more then catching a large halibut. Don’t get me wrong, halibut fishing is a lot of fun, but for me it’s just not as exciting as salmon fishing.

When the bite (salmon are feeding) is on, normally an hour to an hour and a half before and after tide change occurs, it can be crazy.

We have the most fun catching silver (Coho) salmon.  Oasis Alaska Charters 901They are not as large (average 28 inches and 7 to 11 pounds, occasionally reaching up to 36 pounds) in size as the king (Chinook) salmon (24 to 36 but may be up to 58 inches and weighing between 10 to 50 pounds but may reach 130 pounds).

Even though they are not as big as a king (Chinook) salmon they put up a great fight. Pound-for-pound they have a lot more fight than a king (Chinook) salmon does.

I am not saying I would rather catch a 12 pound silver (Coho) salmon over a 49 pound king (Chinook) salmon because I am not.  marks king

What I am saying is that silver (Coho) salmon fishing is a lot more fun because there are a lot more of them. It’s very common to get anywhere from 2 to 4 on at the same time when the bite is on. The hard part about getting that many fish on at the same time is trying to keep the lines from getting crossed up and tangled, but oh man is it fun! Talk about the excitement level going through the roof, hold on we’re going for a ride!

The hard part is trying to decide what fish is going to be netted first, and trust me, this is important when your wife is very competitive. What it really boils down to is what fish is cooperating the most.

Once that salmon hits the deck what do you think happens next? You guessed it…that salmon starts to flop around like it’s a fish out of the water and really gets tangled up in the net.

That’s why you’ll see most boats carry two nets onboard. The person’s whose fish just hit the deck gets to try and get it out of the net as fast as possible, as well as not getting a hook in the finger or hand.

Meanwhile the battle goes on until you get as many salmon onboard as possible, and trust me, it’s very hard to land all of them!

Once you get them all on the on deck you get to re-bait and do it all over again and hopefully you hit another 3 or 4 on your next pass.

This is why I like salmon fishing better then halibut fishing.

The great part about fishing for silver (Coho) salmon in Ketchikan Alaska is because Ketchikan Alaska has two silver (Coho) salmon runs. One is in July and the other larger run is in September.

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