Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters Everything You Need to Know About

Did you know you can set up Ketchikan, Alaska, fishing charters to coincide with an Alaska cruise?

When you choose the right company, the captain will meet you at the dock and walk you less than 100 yards to their fishing boat, where adventure awaits.

Just a 20-minute boat ride separates you from the catch of a lifetime. We’re talking salmon so abundant you’ll have to throw half of them back.

What’s more, when your time’s up, the captain will escort you back to your cruise ship. Then, he’ll pack up your fish and send them to the processing plant.

Once your cruise sails home and Alaska has become a fond set of memories, you’ll still have 30 pounds of wild salmon fillets, shipped directly to you, to dig into!

Here’s everything you need to know about a Ketchikan fishing excursion.

Why Ketchikan, Alaska, Fishing Charters Are the Way to Go

Besides the inherent flexibility of hiring a charter in the midst of one of your cruise ship stops, there are many other advantages of Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters with a charter boat company. This also goes for people flying or driving into the area.

These include benefiting from local knowledge of the area and expertise when it comes to hooking your favorite species of fish.

Besides taking the guesswork out of finding your honey hole, a charter also provides the physical means of getting there.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself landlocked or having to rent a boat and go it alone. And Alaska comes with notoriously rugged coastlines and weather that can change on a dime. So, it also makes sense from a safety perspective.

In essence, hiring a charter represents the most travel-friendly method of fishing in Alaska. Especially if you need to take advantage of their convenient processing and shipping service.

What’s more, hiring a great charter company to work with is easier than you think. Look for one that’s garnered rave reviews, and that values customer service. A quick phone call can give you a sense of their commitment to meeting your needs.

Think Seasonally for the Best Results

While a great fishing charter captain can take you to the perfect spot for your next hook-up, it’s important to consider timing before you make any firm fishing plans in Ketchikan.

While you can catch fish year-round in this area, you should carefully consider the type of experience that you’d like to have. For example, the cruise ship example worked beautifully because the couple in question were fishing for salmon.

But had they opted for halibut, it would have been a different experience and perhaps one too long and too taxing to comfortably fit into their cruise schedule. So, you’ll need to tailor your travels around the types of fish you’d like to catch.

Or, if your trip’s already set in stone, then you’ll need to tailor your expectations to the season when you’re visiting.

When it’s all said and done, the ideal time to visit Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters remains the summer and early fall (June through September). Sometimes, the mild weather even extends into October, but it can be hit or miss this late.

Know Your Alaska Fish Before You Go

While Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters is synonymous with salmon, a wide variety of other fish species make their homes in these waters, too. Depending on the type of sport fishing you do, you may prefer a different kind of fish.

Just how many species of game fish are there? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to find off Ketchikan waters:

  • King salmon
  • Silver salmon
  • Pink salmon
  • Chum salmon
  • Sockeye salmon
  • Pacific halibut
  • Lingcod
  • 26 different species of cod
  • Yelloweye rockfish

This abundance of choices means you’ll want to carefully discuss the type of fishing experience you’d like to have with your charter captain. That way, they can help you choose the best species, location, and time frame for your desired trip.

Come Prepared for Your Alaska Fishing Adventure

Of course, no successful fishing trip happens without the proper documents. So, make sure you hop online and get your fishing license and king salmon stamp.

You should also read up on weight and count limits, so there are no surprises when you arrive for your Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters.

Consult with your charter captain about what types of special fishing gear you should bring along. The great thing is, they can help you keep it to a minimum, especially if you’re on a cruise.

Besides your license and gear, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

Alaska summers prove mild and pleasant. This may surprise you if you know little about “America’s last frontier” apart from Northern Exposure, but summers here are truly lovely.

That said, temperatures vary throughout the day, and weather can change quickly. After all, Ketchikan is one of the rainiest cities in the United States. So, bring lots of layers for these changing temperatures.

You should also invest in proper rain gear and waterproof clothing items to ensure your fishing trip doesn’t turn into a cold soak. Bring closed-toed comfortable shoes with good tread, and don’t forget a hat and a neck gaiter.

Other Essentials to Pack

Don’t forget the sunscreen and snacks. The same goes for a camera to document everything so that you can back up your angler tales when you get home.

After all, Alaska waterways prove so plentiful with sea life you’ll need evidence of your catch. Don’t believe us? Check out our Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters latest catch totals.

You’ll also be happy to have that camera because the coast is thick with marine and animal life. From killer whales to harbor seals, Sitka blacktail deer to bears, it’s hard to predict what you’ll see in Alaska’s vast expanse of wilderness.

Ready for Your Alaska Adventure?

When it comes to Ketchikan, Alaska, fishing charters, they are hands-down the easiest, most travel-friendly way to get in on the local catch.

An excellent charter company can work around a cruise schedule or craft a trip specifically designed for an adventurous family with young kids.

They can create the perfect trip based on the species of Alaska fish you long to hook, whether it’s a quick four-hour excursion or a multiple-day-long expedition.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your perfect sport fishing excursion.

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