Current Fish Catch Totals

Oasis Alaska Charters

We have come up with a new systems that will keep everyone up to date on our current fish catch counts.  It will break it down by the month so you have a very good idea of whats going on in the season.

This data is up to date and accurate.  It’s the same data that we have to put into the State Of Alaska charter fishing log book.

May 26 4 Hr. Halibut Charter

Captain Thomas on REEL Fun limited our guests out early with their Halibut, and had an opportunity to troll for salmon.  They also limited out with 2 King Salmon!

Great trip today !!!

Ketchikan Fishing

Salmon Fishing May 18th 2017

Salmon Fishing May 18th 2017

Our 2017 season is officially off and running.  Captain Chris was able to catch this nice King Salmon while he was out on a solo fishing trip.  There seems to be a lot of King Salmon around that are just under the size limit to keep so we hope the bigger ones will start to show up.

Captain Chris Damico

2017 King Salmon Derby in Ketchikan

2017 Ketchikan King Salmon Derby

Calling Anglers,

The 2017 King Salmon Derby in Ketchikan is only 79 days away, it starts May 27th and will run for 3 weekends.  We are celebrating the 70th Ketchikan King Salmon Derby this year.

The 2017 Ketchikan King Salmon Derby will be held:

  • May 27, 28 & 29th
  • June 3 & 4th
  • June 10 & 11th

In 2016 Misty Pattison won the grand prize for $10,000 with a 48.6 lb. King Salmon.

The Ketchikan King salmon derby is a big deal for a lot of residents of Ketchikan, they wait all year for the derby to start.

When I grew up in Ketchikan and was able to afford to have my own boat it was a big deal for us.  Once the gun goes off at 7 am each of the 3 Saturdays we would fish almost all night long for the 2 or 3 days.  We would each take short naps while the others on the boat watch the poles, of course you really sleep with one eye open because you just don’t want to miss the salmon bit.  There is a lot of day light (17 hrs) in May, the sun will rise around 4:15 am and set around 9:15 pm.

The derby really starts the fishing season in Ketchikan and the fishing starts to pick up as it progresses into the summer.

Since the derby got its start in 1944, both the lucky and the skilled have enjoyed winning all the prizes that are donated.

You should come out and join us some time, you just never know you could be the big winner, or just have a great time.

Give is a call if you would like to give it a shot.


Sam Cotten, Commissioner
Tom Brookover, Director

Andrew Garry
Stocking Coordinator
Phone: (907) 269-0314

January 03, 2017


The Division of Sport Fish is now accepting public comment on its statewide fish stocking plan.

The Division, with assistance from private non-profit hatchery operators, plans to release approximately 6.5 million fish into the waters of Alaska every year for the next five years to benefit sport fish anglers. The stocking plan outlines the location, number, and size or life stage for each species of fish that are planned for stocking.

Only fish produced from Division of Sport Fish hatchery facilities and from private non-profit hatcheries who work in cooperation with ADF&G to improve sport fisheries are included in this plan.

The plan is posted on the agency’s website at: under “Hatcheries and Stocking”. Copies of the plan are also available for review at area offices.

Comments may be emailed to Andrew Garry at or contact him at:

Andrew Garry
William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery
941 N. Reeve Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 269-0314

The deadline for comment is Monday, January 30, 2017.

2 Days of Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska August 2nd 2016

2 Days of Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska August 2nd 2016

I had a great two days of fishing with family this weekend. In all we had 96 salmon and 24 halibut, 4 Yelloweye’s. This was not a charter, that’s why we were able to keep all the halibut.

The weather allowed us to make the long 2+ hour run each way to get out to the fish.

full-day-fishing-in-ketchikan-alaska-august-1-2016-oasis-alaska-charters full-day-fishing-in-ketchikan-alaska-august-1-2016-oasis-alaska-charters-2