Current Fish Catch Totals

Oasis Alaska Charters

We have come up with a new systems that will keep everyone up to date on our current fish catch counts.  It will break it down by the month so you have a very good idea of whats going on in the season.

This data is up to date and accurate.  It’s the same data that we have to put into the State Of Alaska charter fishing log book.

You can now click on the month (June) and get even more data.  Try it out!

Ketchikan Alaska 2017 Season

Oasis Alaska Charters 2017 Season

We want to give a big thank you to all of our customers here at Oasis Alaska Charters.

The 2017 season has come to an end but what a year it was. Even with Ketchikan having the rainiest summer in 50 years we had a good year.

Our team did a fantastic job this season, and a big thank you goes out to our captains, Captain Murray Easter, Captain Logan Carlson, Captain Thomas Moonley-Myers and Captain Desmond Chattleton, these guys rocked it!

Each and every one of them did a fantastic job, those of you that have had the pleasure of fishing with them know exactly what I am talking about. These guys worked hard to get all of you the trip you wanted and hoped for despite the bad weather. Ketchikan is not an easy place to fish, we have to deal with rain, wind and extreme tides.

We had our slow days and stellar days of catching fish, but for us our focus is to do our best to give our customers a trip they can talk about for years to come. Were we able to make everyone happy, no but we do try very hard.

We did try something different this year and that is to keep track of our fish counts and put them out so everyone can see what we are doing. This gave our customers and anyone wanting to know how the fishing is going.

If you have not had the chance to see our 2017 fish counts you can check it out here. You can drill into each month and day to see what happened. We also wanted to point out that these are not just random fish numbers added to each day, they are in fact the same numbers that are required to be entered into our State of Alaska log books that each of you had to sign. It will be fun to see how next year will stack up to this year.

We are now taking reservations for next season, and the early bird gets to pick the best dates.

We hope to see you back again soon.
Oasis Alaska Charters.

Fishing the Last Frontier

Fishing the Last Frontier If you’ve ever visited the great state of Alaska, then you know why it is aptly nicknamed, The Last Frontier, and if you’ve never had the chance, then I highly recommend you make a special trip. From its rugged wilderness, sweeping vistas, and, of course, its bountiful seafood, Alaska is an outdoorsman’s paradise. With much of the state only accessible via airplane or boat, you can find yourself exploring areas with minimal human impact fairly easily. But, for many, Alaska’s lure of giant pacific halibut, trophy rainbow trout, or larger than life king salmon is what brings more people to the state than anything else. There’s a type of fishing for everyone including combat fishing the world famous Russian River, walking secluded mountain streams, braving the mighty ocean swells in search of barn door sized halibut, or even drilling holes through 3 feet or better of ice in search of disgustingly huge northern pike. Continue reading

State Of Alaska Emergency Orders News Releases August, 8th 2017

All thought the King salmon runs are all but done the Coho and Pink salmon runs are still strong.  The State of Alaska has shutdown the retention of King salmon.

Juneau- The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that the retention of king salmon is prohibited in all Southeast Alaska salt waters, king salmon may not be retained or possessed; any king salmon caught must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed. These regulations will be effective 12:01 a.m. Thursday, August 10 through 11:59 p.m. Saturday, September 30, 2017.

The Southeast Alaska king salmon sport fishery is managed under the directives of the Southeast Alaska King Salmon Management Plan (5 AAC 47.055). This plan prescribes management measures based upon the preseason abundance index determined by the Chinook Technical Committee of the Pacific Salmon Commission. The plan also directs the department to eliminate inseason regulatory changes, except those necessary for conservation purposes.

Many of the king salmon stocks that contribute to the Southeast Alaska commercial and recreational fisheries are experiencing record-low production. These stocks originate in Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. To comply with the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Policy and the Pacific Salmon Treaty, extreme management measures are necessary to curtail harvests of these stocks. Retention of king salmon will be prohibited at 12:01 a.m. August 10, 2017 in the Southeast Alaska recreational fisheries and extend through September 30. Additional management actions beyond September 30 are also being discussed.

Most of the king salmon stocks that contribute to Southeast Alaska fisheries are exhibiting extremely poor production and will not meet escapement goals or management objectives in 2017. The stocks which are exhibiting low productivity would contribute roughly half of the remaining 2017 allowable catch (per the Pacific Salmon Treaty) in Southeast Alaska waters.

Inseason information received from a variety of agency and academic sources all indicate that poor production conditions are currently occurring and will persist through at least 2018. Therefore it is imperative that Alaska take action to reduce harvest and conserve king salmon stocks with a focus on future production.
Please note that the regional king salmon resident and nonresident regulations announced on April 10, 2017 and the Ketchikan area king salmon regulations announced on March 6, 2017 have been rescinded and the above announced regulations apply.

The following king salmon regulations implemented by emergency order are still in effect:

Haines/Skagway Area
The retention of king salmon is prohibited in the waters of Section 15-A, Lynn Canal north of the ADF&G regulatory marker at Sherman Rock, including Chilkat Inlet, Chilkoot Inlet, Lutak Inlet, and Taiya Inlet through Sunday, December 31, 2017.

Juneau Area
The waters of Gastineau within a 300-yard radius of the Wayside Park Fishing Dock (Channel Wayside fishing dock) remain closed to snagging and sport fishing for king salmon through Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Sitka Area
Kasnyku Bay remains closed to sport fishing for king salmon through Friday, September 1, 2017

Bear Cove remains closed to sport fishing through Thursday, August 31, 2017:

For further information regarding sport fisheries in Southeast Alaska, contact the nearest ADF&G office or visit:

State of Alaska Fishing Report August, 2nd 2017

August 02, 2017

Chinook salmon

The king salmon peak has passed, though marine anglers are still finding a few kings. The majority of the king salmon harvest occurred in the southern outside waters near Cape Chacon, Duke Island, and the Percy’s. A few kings are still being picked up in Clover Pass, Mountain Point and along Camano.

Anglers are advised that king salmon restrictions are still in effect in the Ketchikan area sport fishery through August 14 in order to reduce the harvest of Unuk River king salmon and ensure the Unuk River king salmon escapement goal is achieved in 2017. Please refer to the news release and map for description of areas with reduced limits.

The Ketchikan Sport Terminal Harvest Area has closed. As of August 1, regionwide bag and possession limits for king salmon apply in the Terminal Harvest Area.

  • Alaskan resident: The resident bag and possession limits is two king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length.
  • Nonresident: The nonresident bag and possession limit is one king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length. The nonresident annual limit is three king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length. Nonresident anglers shall immediately record, in ink, all king salmon harvested either on the back of their sport fishing license or on a nontransferable harvest record.

Thomas Basin is open year-round seaward from the Thomas Basin Bridge to the breakwater.

  • A maximum of two single-hooks may be used.
  • The use of bait is allowed year-round.
  • This area is closed to snagging.

Ketchikan Creek is open to sport fishing for all species including king salmon.

  • The bag and possession limit for king salmon in Ketchikan Creek is two king salmon of any size.
  • King salmon harvested in Ketchikan Creek do not count towards the nonresident annual limit.
  • Fishing gear permitted in Ketchikan Creek is one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure only.

Coho salmon

Coho harvest reports have been great throughout the Ketchikan area. Anglers reported harvest in Nichols Pass, Alava, Clover Pass, Survey Point, Camano, the backside of Gravina, Cape Chacon, and the Duke Island area.

Pink salmon

Pink catch rates have picked up from the last few weeks. Marine anglers are reporting fair catch rates for pink salmon throughout the area. Roadside anglers can now find good shoreline angling for pink salmon at Thomas Basin, Ward Creek and Ketchikan Creek. Anglers will find plenty of pinks in freshwater streams now.


Halibut harvest reports remain good throughout the Ketchikan area.

Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brook Trout

There are a few good opportunities to target rainbow and cutthroat trout along the road system. Anglers have been having success at Ward Creek, Ketchikan Creek and Carlanna Lake. Ketchikan Creek was opened June 1st and will be open for the remainder of the year. If you are up for the hike, anglers have been successful catching brook trout at the outlet of Perseverance Lake. If remote fishing is on your agenda, try the Naha River, McDonald Lake or Fish Creek.

Be sure to check the 2017 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations. The Ketchikan Area Freshwater Special Regulations can be found on pages 29-31. Regulations vary depending on the waters you plan to fish.

July 26th, 2017

2nd day fishing on Our REEL Therapy with Captain Murray and limited out early with halibut and salmon! This group will be taking home a lot of fish!!

These guys had a very productive morning on REEL Fun with Captain Thomas and friend Desmond on a 6 hour salmon and halibut combo trip! Great job!

July 24th, 2017

Captain Murray brought in another boatload on REEL Therapy with a group on a 6 hour halibut and salmon combo!

Captain Logan found the salmon with this group on a 4 hour trip on Our Oasis! They even found a nice King!

A six hour salmon trip with Captain Thomas on the REEL Fun found a load of coho and pink today!

July 23rd, 2017

The weather didn’t cooperate but that didn’t stop Captain Logan from limiting out his group by early afternoon on the Our Oasis!

Wow!! Captain Murray worked very hard for our guests this morning on a 4 hour salmon charter on REEL Therapy! This was a record catch of 41 fish! Amazing trip for this group!

What a great morning on Our Oasis with Captain Logan! Found plenty of salmon on a 4 hour charter! The fish are biting!

July 22nd, 2017

The weather turned on day 3 for Murray’s party, couldn’t get to the halibut but they found a limit of coho and 2 keeper kings

July 20th, 2017

The folks fishing on the Reel Fun this morning with Captain Thomas today raced back to their cruise ship without stopping to take photos, leaving their load of fish to take pictures alone!

Captain Logan loaded up the boat on this all day trip with a group on Our Oasis. Nice job!!

2nd All day trip for this group today with Captain Murray on REEL Therapy. Time to buy a new freezer!!!