Ketchikan Alaska Whales

Ketchikan Alaska Whales

This is such a great video!  I can’t wait for summer to get here so we can get back to what we love about Ketchikan, Alaska!

While many visitors to Alaska have the opportunity to see whales during summer, not everyone gets to see them bubble feeding up close.

Bubble net feeding by humpbacks involves a school of fish being encircled by bubbles blown by the whales. The shrinking column of bubbles forces the fish to the surface, and the whales then break through the bubbles and swallow large numbers of fish at once.

Juan Christensen captured this phenomenon from the dock at Clover Pass Resort last summer. Mark Andrew of Oasis Alaska Charters says, “There’s something about that place the whales love. Maybe all the fish cleaning attracts the fish they like to eat?”

After spotting the huge mass about five feet away from the dock, the workers rushed to the edge of the boardwalk to take a closer look.

They caught the huge whale on camera as it moved closer towards them and breached the water.

Workers at Clover Pass Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska, were going about their daily business when they spotted the huge humpback whale swimming underneath the wooden boardwalk.

Spouting water, the humpback glided through the gentle seas as the workers looked on in amazement at the rare sight.

At one point, it even popped head first out of the water in an apparent bid to try and ‘bubble feed’.

Bubble net feeding by humpbacks involves circling a school of fish by blowing bubbles, which in turn prompts them to the surface.

Posted by Oasis Alaska Charters, LLC on Monday, January 4, 2016